Newsletter, June 16th

3rd Sunday after Trinity

Bible readings: 1 Sam 15.34-16.13 & Mark 4.26-34

‘…for the LORD does not see as mortals see; they look on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart.’ (1 Sam 16.7)

Seven apparently more suitable candidates for God’s chosen king from Jesse’s sons pass before Samuel in our reading today, before the youngster, David – presumably in need of a good wash after a hard day attending the sheep – is brought in and affirmed by Samuel as the person God wishes him to anoint. It’s possible that no one – neither Jesse, nor David’s brothers – were more surprised by this turn of events than David. What, this boy? It didn’t seem likely. In the system of primogeniture, where first-borns, by a simple accident of birth, are privileged above their siblings – a system we’re yet to shake off entirely – this wasn’t the proper way of things. For the youngest son (and a shepherd boy at that), to be marked out like this was surely absurd. If it were down to us, we would probably have made a different choice. And sadly, when we make assumptions about who the important people are, or suppose we know upon whom God’s favour rests, perhaps we do make a different choice to the one God is making, far too often. God, after all, appears to see things radically differently from us.

Similarly, in our Gospel reading today, Jesus compares the kingdom of heaven to a mustard seed, which he says is ‘the smallest of all seeds on earth.  Yet when planted, it grows and becomes the largest of all garden plants, with such big branches that the birds can perch in its shade.’ (Mark 4.31-32). There are several points of interest we could look at here – for example; the surprising nature of the kingdom sprouting in unexpected places – but let’s focus on this word planted. What God plants – and where – is entirely within his gift, though it’s up to us to be watchful for where this happens. An unpromising, spindly shrub can grow into a strong structure of shelter, with God’s grace. An eighth-born shepherd boy can become a king. God keeps doing this, throughout the Scriptures: picking the second (or eighth!) born, choosing the marginalised, favouring the homeless above the privileged, working bountifully and freely in all the people and places we wouldn’t anticipate. Can we decide to keep a more watchful eye, and a more open heart, to see where God’s work is happening today?

  • Do I recognise God working in people who don’t look like me?
  • Am I prepared to be bold in standing with the people society often rejects, knowing that they are beloved children of God upon whom God’s favour rests and grace may be planted?

Weekly newsletter/blog and website

Please send all information for the Sunday newsletter/blog by Wednesday evening to Josie at  and

CreativiTEA at NightChurchPZ –

Saturday 22nd June at St. Mary’s PZ

On Saturday 22nd June from 8pm we are holding a ‘CreativiTEA’ at NightChurch with Sally Crabtree, aka The Poetry Postie! Sally combines art and poetry, and quite often food, to deliver workshops that feed the soul. Inventor of edible poetry biscuits, art on fudge and ‘The Sweetshop of Words’, workshops with Sally are full of fun and never dull! Suitable for ages 0-100. Please do visit Sally’s website to learn more We hope to see you there! Alice

Feast of John the Baptist Civic Service & Cluster Joint Worship –

Sunday 23rd June at St. John’s Church PZ

Please note that the Civic Service, which is also the Cluster Joint Worship Service this quarter, is being held this Sunday 23rd June at St. John’s Church, Penzance. The preacher for this service will be The Venerable Clive Hogger (who was installed earlier this month in Truro Cathedral). For those who would like to know more about Archdeacon Clive, here is a link to his bio on the Diocese of Truro’s website:

We will be joined on Sunday by our Mayor Cllr Stephen Reynolds and our Deputy Mayor Cllr Will Elliott and their consorts, and many of our councillors, together with other local dignitaries, including mayors from other towns in West Cornwall, and our local MP Mr Derek Thomas. The parade will be led by the Penzance Silver Band. The Archdeacon of Cornwall will also be joining the parade as well as preaching God’s word to us at the service at St John’s church. This year we are fortunate to have a youth band “Bows” a MusicAbility Ensemble who will play a traditional Greek folk song “Kozaris” written by Ben Concau who, as a teenager, composed this piece when he was living in Cornwall 10 years ago. Children from our church schools, St Mary’s and Madron primary schools, will be joining us both in the parade and our worship.

The service will start at 11am at St. John’s; the parade – for those who wish to join in behind – will start at 10.30am at St. John’s Hall, Alverton Road.


For more details on the service please contact Revd. Derath Durkin at

Golowan Gala Concert: Mozart Fest!

Sunday 23rd June at St. Mary’s PZ

The first in Tim Boulton & Friends’ Golowan’s Popular Concert Series. Tickets £10 (or £4 for under-21s). Pre-booking is recommended, online at (with £1.50 booking fee per transaction), or on the door, subject to availability. The concert starts at 7.30pm. Proceeds from these concerts support the work of MusicAbility. Penlee Cluster is working with MusicAbilitywith a String Project in St Mary’s C of E School, securing opportunities for children to access string tuition.


Sponsorship needed for the Cluster Kids Holiday Club

As you may know, the Penlee Cluster hosts up to 30 children each summer to offer a wide and fun holiday programme. This year, without regulars Sian and Andrew, we are short on bus drivers and key staff and need to find more funds. The children have a fantastic time, many of whom may not access holiday fun without us. The cost of living crisis is affecting families and money is extremely tight. Can you kindly help sponsor a child for a day for the holiday club? We are offering 5 spaces to children who are living in poverty but not eligible for free school meals, at a cost of £30 a day. Their families are possibly earning the low minimum wage and with food and housing costs, increasing outings becomes quickly unaffordable.Often earnings are just above the threshold which is set very low and this impacts low-income families who are not entitled to benefits. If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Any amount is welcome and the above is just an indication of costs for a day (£30). The scheme will run for 4 weeks. Molly and Jane are planning bike trips, forest skills, roller-skating, beach games and scavenger walking hunts. If you feel you can assist please do email Jane at


I have been meaning, for some time, to put pen to paper and thank you, the members of the churches in the Penlee cluster and beyond, for your response to the matter of Safeguarding, a subject which has climbed the agendas in all the PCCs, along with thanks to those who have been so patient as we attempt to ensure that everyone who needs a Disclosure and Barring service (DBS) check gets one. We work with an agency who process the applications on our behalf and there are sometimes questions raised that we have to resolve. Additionally, the DBS are constantly updating advice and we have to be aware of that and work within the guidelines set down. This might mean that the role for which a check is requested does not fulfil the requirements. Personally, I have now managed to complete checks generally within a couple of days and I am grateful to Gill Thomas for taking on the bulk of the checks during my recent incapacity.  It cannot be stressed enough, and often, that Safeguarding is the responsibility of us all and it is important that we keep our eyes and ears open to any possibility that vulnerable people (adults as well as children) may be being exploited or abused in full view. Historically, churches, along with other groups, have presented opportunities for people who seek to abuse as fairly safe places because of our innate trust in our fellow human beings. The Church of England is now in a far better place than it was and I would urge anyone who has any concerns to raise those concerns immediately.

Gill’s and my contact details are displayed in all the churches but in our absence calls can be made to the Diocesan Safeguarding Team, and, in a case where immediate action is required then the Police must be contacted. Again our thanks to you all for all the work that you do week in and week out. – Graham Carter

Glass jars wanted please!

Our family worker Molly is looking for empty glass jars for an exciting NightChurch and young family art collaboration. If you can help, please contact Molly at to arrange collection.

St. Peter’s Art Exhibition

Donation to the Newlyn Fishermen’s Mission

Last Tuesday morning, in the sunshine, Diane and Lynda, Church Wardens from St. Peter’s Church, Newlyn, and the Rev. Derath Durkin, presented a cheque, to the value of £310, to Kate McArthur (Area Port Officer} and Eddy Fletcher (Port Officer) who are officers from the Newlyn Fishermen’s Mission. They much appreciated the donation and were happy to pose for photographs! The monies were given from the profit raised at St.Peter’s Church’s very successful Art Exhibition and Cream Tea event this May – Lynda

Restore Nature Now

There will be a march and rally in London on 22nd June (details here: ) to highlight awareness of the political and policy changes needed to turn the tide for the environment and to ‘restore nature now’. However, nearer to home, the Revd Canon Elly Sheard is holding a local event for Restore Nature Now for those people who are unable to go on the March in London. This will be held at High Cross, outside Truro Cathedral, on Saturday 22nd June. Revd Canon Elly says: ‘the event will simply be an opportunity to talk to passers-by, distribute leaflets and advocate for nature. There will be a silent vigil for 20 mins or so 13.30 – 13.50’.  The running order is as follows: from 12 noon – assemble outside main entrance of Truro Cathedral and set up; from arrival to 13.30 – meet and greet – talk to people, explain what we are doing and why; 13.30 – 13.50 – silent vigil for all who want to join in; 14.00 – 15.00 – further meet and greet etc. – depart when ready.

Celtic Morning Prayer

Each weekday morning on zoom at 8am. Zoom link:

Prayer Requests

If you are concerned about someone and would like their name included in the Prayer Request Group’s weekly prayer list, please do email Mel at by 7pm on Tuesday evenings. Thank you.


Fundraising Piano Recital for NightChurch:

Ryan Collis – Friday 28th June at S. Mary’s PZ

Ryan Collis, winner in his category at the Young Composers Award, will be giving a recital of music by Bach, Beethoven, Brahms and Chopin, as well as some of his own compositions. All proceeds will go to NightChurch. The recital will start at 7.30pm.

Fundraising Concert: Rhys – Saturday 20th July at St. Mary’s PZ

Our friend Rhys, also known as the ‘The NightChurch Mystery Pianist’, will be giving a concert at St. Mary’s on 20th July to raise money for NightChurch. Doors will open at 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start (and we expect the concert to end by 9.30pm).

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