Taize worship at St John's Penzance

Taize worship at St John's, Penzance

The people of  St. Johns Church invite you to join them

on 10th February & 10th March at 11am.

For a time of quiet reflection.




In Taizé France 1940, the Taizé Community was founded by Brother Roger Schutz. Initially, Brother Roger helped people in difficulty and hosted Jewish refugees.

A hundred brothers from around the world have chosen to live together a life of prayer and celibacy in simplicity.

The brothers build a life together in which reconciliation is a living reality


 A gentle, quiet space to engage with your God within. In prayer and contemplation through quiet meditation in the security of community and friendship.

A time of wholeness and healing as the mind quietens and becomes still in    the presence of God.

Today one of Taizé’s dominant commitments has been the care of young adults. Thousands visit yearly.

Brother Roger said,

“Contemplation is one’s whole person seized by the reality of God’s love.”

In a world where we may face insecurity or anxiety, how can we pass by the opportunity to enter faith?

Trusting in love is difficult. Faith has to be nurtured in the strength of God’s presence. Is there really a choice?