Seeds of Peace

1. Write your name in the box

There is a space on the back of the card where you can write your name and the name of the person you are going to give the box to.

2. Score the lines

Score the 8 white dotted lines with a ruler and a pen or pencil.

3. Cut out the box

It is easier if you first cut around the outer lines before you cut the smaller corners.

4. Cut the yellow lines

Take care not to cut too far

5. Fold the horizontal scored lines

6. Fold the vertical scored lines

It should look like this before gluing.

7. Glue the box together

Glue the tabs

Stick tab A to A, tab C to C

Like this

Stick tab B to B

Fold tab E over so that you can glue E to E

Then fold tab F over so that you can glue F to F

Close the lid

Your finished box

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