Lent Book Club

Meeting God in Mark by Rowan Williams

Each week will be working our way through this book written by our former Archbishop.  It’s a wonderful way to take a fresh look at Mark’s Gospel.  The book costs £9 and can be ordered at the Edge of the World bookshop in Penzance or on line.  But you don’t need a book to take part.

“A fresh look at the message and meaning of Mark’s Gospel by one of the worlds greatest living theologians. Rowan Williams explores the essential meaning and purpose of St Marks Gospel for complete beginners as well as for those who’ve read the Gospel many times before and want to see it in a fresh light. Written at a highly accessible level and packed with illuminating spiritual insights, this book would make a perfect gift for anyone thinking about confirmation, while also appealing to people who may simply be curious about Jesus and the Gospels and want to learn more about his significance”.

St Mary’s Church – Thursdays at 11.15am
Feb 22nd, Feb 29th, March 7th, March 14th, March 21st.

Paul Church – Thursdays at 5.45pm
Feb 22nd, Feb 29th, March 7th, March 14th, March 21st.

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