Penzance Angel Trail

Have a FREE family Christmas adventure with your loved ones this year .

Follow the clues to find hidden Angels in various local business’s windows and some may even be hidden at outdoor locations.

Each Angel will have a word attached, keep a note of the words you find,
Create a poem out of the words you discover and send this poem via the form at the bottom of this page to be entered into the Angel Flight Path competition

Competition Prizes

1st prize; £25 cash
2nd prize; Selection box
3rd prize; Selection box

ALL children who take part to receive downloadable certificate.
Winners will be announced Wednesday 27th December.


  1. Your trail starts opposite Wharfside carpark, the first angel is hidden in a family run business which was launched on November 22nd 2017. You are able to sit both inside and outside and can purchase a range of delicious food and drink here.
  2. Continue towards a swing bridge which allows ships to pass from the harbour to the dry dock. The original bridge was built from an old railway turntable and first opened in 1881.
  3. Once you have crossed over ‘R _ _ S’ bridge, keep walking for 200ft. Your second Angel is hiding to the right hand side of you, in the reception of somewhere that has been operating since 1834 and was recently saved by Penzance engineering business Linked Solutions SW Limited.
  4. Your next clue is a stones throw away, so don’t go too far. This building’s three floors were once filled with barrels of Baltic tallow and tar, yards of Quebec timber, coal from Wales and chandlery goods. This building dates back to around 1720. Now a days it’s a family friend restaurant you can sit both in and outside.
  5. Carry on until you reach a wobbly weighted bridge, you may feel the floor beneath you shake. Look for a window to the right of you.
  6. Your next tasks is to find Barbican lane, walk up and stop at the top, make sure you are with an adult and carefully cross the road. Turn right and carry on walking until you reach a carpark entrance. Look to the right of you, you should see a building which has the same name as a type of boat. Again, make sure you’re with an adult and carefully cross the road, your next clue is in one of the windows.
  7. Your sixth clue isn’t too far away, a place you may go to pray and light a candle, attend a wedding, christening, baptism and funeral. Once at the main door, can you find an old key safe box on your right hand side?
  8. Continue on out and down the steps, turn left you should now be in Chapel Street. Carry on walking up and please keep to the left hand side.  
  9. You are next searching for ‘A revitalised Georgian inn which brings a slice of eccentric charm to Penzance. This business serves up feasts of locally sourced meat and fish, whilst the sunny terrace garden is ideal for sundowners.’ If you find the menu board, you should find your Angel too.
  10. Your 8th Angel is hiding in a grade 1 listed building , which dates from 1835. It was built in the style of Egyptian revival architecture. Once found, make sure you’re with an adult and cross over the road, turn left and carry on up the road staying on the right hand side.  
  11. Continue on until you reach a corner building, this is a place where you can buy / sell / rent properties from. A _ T _ _ Y /  R _ _ H _ R _  S.
  12. Next you are looking for a zebra crossing, please carefully cross and find the bottom of Causewayhead. Venture on up Causeway head staying on the left hand side.
  13. Your first Angel in the street is hidden in one of the most beautifully decorated window displays. This shops name also contains a number.
  14. Take a stroll straight on for another 145 metres, this building was a church back in 1800’s, since then it has also been known as SWEB showroom, Bendix Laundrette and various café’s since the 1990’s. To the left of this shop is Curios, Collectables and Antiques.
  15. Now turn around and go back down the street, however this time you are looking at the shops on the opposite side.
  16. Your Angel is hiding in a shop that offers engraving services for trophies, key cutting and glass engraving. Alongside selling a variety of gifts and leather goods.
  17. Your 13th Angel is somewhere that sells unique and quirky clothing and accessories, this shops name contains both a colour and fruit.
  18. Keep walking to the bottom of Causewayhead and turn left and head down Market Jew Street, keeping to the left hand side. Your second to last Angel is a little walk away, a place where your imagination can come alive, a shop full of different genres and adventures you can go on, some fiction and others non fiction.
  19. Well done, you’ve made it to the final stretch. Your last Angel is hidden in a window of a business formally known as The Railway Inn, it is now known as ‘THE L _ _ G _ O _ T / I _ _’.

FREE refreshments

At St Marys Church, Penzance on the following days:

  • Saturday 9th December 10-12am
  • Saturday 16th December 10-12am
  • Saturday 23rd December 10-12am

Angel Flight Path Map

Angel Flight Path Form

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Thank you:

A massive thank you to Chris for his map designs, Chris and Erwin for organising the webpage ready for the trail.
Thank you to Jane for helping to approach the shops to arrange where the angels will go.

Thank you to everyone who has kindly created the beautiful angels.

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