Mousehole Angel Trail

Have a FREE family Christmas adventure with your loved ones this year .

Follow the clues to find hidden Angels in various local business’s windows and some may even be hidden at outdoor locations.

Each Angel will have a word attached, keep a note of the words you find,
Create a poem out of the words you discover and send this poem via the form at the bottom of this page to be entered into the Angel Flight Path competition

Competition Prizes

1st prize; £25 cash
2nd prize; Selection box
3rd prize; Selection box

ALL children who take part to receive downloadable certificate.
Winners will be announced Wednesday 27th December.


  1. Your Angel trail starts at the ‘Mousehole’ Christmas lights at the top of Parade Hill. 
  2. Your first clue is just down the hill, you are searching for a shop that can also be the name of a fruit and a colour. This shop creates beautiful tasting foods and delicious drinks.
  3. Continue on down and follow the road around, you should be able to see the spectacular beach and harbour with its very famous Christmas lights.
  4. Your next clue will be on the corner, to the right side of you. This shop opened in 2013 and aimed to make fantastic local produce easily accessible. It also created a foodie hub for the community to enjoy and to encourage visitors to buy local. 
  5. Your third angel is hidden around 5 buildings down the street and offers a wonderful range of handmade jewellery alongside home and gift ideas. 
  6. Your next task is to find a little alley way, which should be a stones throw away from you. This street is also the name of a famous Disney animal Donald D _ _ K.
  7. Follow the tiny alley way until you reach a fantastic, stylish and communal space used by locals and visitors which was officially opened by the Duke of Kent on the 3rd April 2017. The Mousehole Cat will be showing here this month too!
  8. Once you have found your clue, turn around and go back the way you came. Once you reach the end of the street turn right and right again.
  9. Look out for a black and white cow sign, your next Angel is hiding in a shop that sells scrumptious ice creams, drinks and snacks.
  10. Next turn around to face the road you just walked up and take 10 big steps back down the road, your next clue is hidden in a shop called; Sea W _ _ _ H (some of you may have dressed up as one of the words on Halloween)
  11. Your next clue is on the corner of South Cliff road, named after two animals. Which sells a wide range of fantastic gifts.
  12. Your second to last clue is placed in the heart of Mousehole, directly opposite the harbour. A very historic building, where people can sit in and enjoy food and drink whilst watching the harbour views.
  13. To reach your final clue, you must venture on a little walk, continue along South Cliff road and Grenfell Street and follow the road around, half way up Mill Lane, turn left you should come to a 1940’s themed café-restaurant which offers excellent, freshly prepared food.

FREE hot chocolate

at Jessie’s Dairy for the first 20 children on;

  • Sunday 10th December; 1-3pm.
  • Sunday 17th December; 1-3pm.
  • Saturday 23rd December; 1-3pm.

Angel Flight Path Map

Angel Flight Path Form

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I found the words in

Thank you:

A massive thank you to Chris for his map designs, Chris and Erwin for organising the webpage ready for the trail.
Thank you to Jane for helping to approach the shops to arrange where the angels will go.

Thank you to everyone who has kindly created the beautiful angels.

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