Shouts December 2020

Shouts December 2020


Published on Sunday 20th December 2020

by Mark P Ouzman BA(Hons)

The winds ran faster than the speed of sound as the
wooden, Watson lifeboat left Mousehole's Cornish ground,
seen dipping her bones into a thunderous grey,
of a dark brumal night, filled with Atlantic spray.  

At heights of houses dark-hearted horses crashed down,
'Rescue Eight-Zero' noted, onto Solomon Browne.
They witnessed Penlee's brave men, bound in bright yellows,
seeking out the souls of the Union Star's fellows.  

'Rescue Eight-Zero' witnessed Bill's valiant crew
placing service over self to reach out to the few,
and count men: three or four, found on Solomon's floor,
held, for a moment, from Poseidon's swinging door.  

But the devil's in the detail as more waves came,
testing yellow macs, just men, found at breaking strain.
Horror now seen by the crew of the whirlybird,
they reported: '...all lives lost... so tragic... absurd...'  

Lives became legends, bound under Poseidon's gowns,
but remember their widows, and fathers.  Lost sons.
May we, like Mousehole, dim our lights for an hour,
six days before the birth of our Christian saviour.  

MarkO 19.Dec.2020.



Published on Friday 11th December 2020

by Lesley Michell


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by Mel


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Published on Tuesday 1st December 2020
by Revd.Olive Stevens

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