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Cast your net on the other side! with John Wallis

Arts in Worship

I love the story in St John 21: 1 to 13 of the miraculous catch of fish. At Centenary Methodist Chapel, Newlyn, as a child I vividly remember the congregation, made up mostly fishing families sing with fervour, Christopher Wordsworth’s hymn, whose first verse reads,

The Galilean fishers toil
All night and nothing take;
But Jesus comes – a wondrous spoil is lifted from the lake.
Lord, when our labours are in vain.
And vain the help of men,
When fruitless is our care and pain,
Come, blessed Jesus, then!

Arts in Worship is a grand title for simply picking up a piece of paper, notebook, sketchbook and writing, drawing, colouring, cutting and sticking an image which helps us to reflect and contemplate what God is speaking to us.

Here is a sketch with pencils, from torn paper stuck in a sketchbook.

Often we get so involved in a task that we fail to see the wood from the trees.  Jesus comes to the hard working, unsuccessful, frustrated fishermen and shouts, “Friends, haven’t you any fish?” They say,! No!” Jesus says, “Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some!”

It’s illogical BUT they do and a Wondrous spoil is lifted from the lake!

Often we say, “We’ve always done it this way!”

Jesus comes and says, “Why not do different?”

If we listen, then ……………………………………

Why not have a go in drawing, writing or what used to we called years ago doodling on some paper?