Penlee ewaves shout

Penlee Cluster supports Golowan Goes Green 

The Golowan Team write - 

'Welcome to the Golowan Festival, a wonderful, much-loved community event that is now in its 29th year. 
Our theme this year is 'Golowan Goes Green' indicating the determination of the Golowan Team, its partners, local businesses and the people of Penzance, to work towards making the festival even more environmentally friendly and sustainable. 
May everyone, from all sectors of our community, enjoy another marvellous and memorable Golowan!' 

In the centre pullout pages they suggest five ways to wellbeing for July and August -

  • Connect with others
  • Be active
  • Take notice 
  • Keep learning 
  • Give to others 

We offer this prayer that we may be active members in creating the good wellbeing of our town.

O God, give me the things which will make me a good member of the community in which I live. 
Give me a forgiving spirit, that I may forgive others, as I hope that you will forgive me. 
Give me the tolerant spirit that I may be quicker to praise than to criticise, and that I may be more eager to understand than to condemn. 
Give me the unselfish spirit, that I may think even more about the rights of others than about my own rights. 
Teach me what to remember and what to forget; to forget all insults and injuries, and to to remember all that has been done for me by other people. 
Help me always to aim at putting more into life than I take out of it: through Jesus Christ my Lord. 
from "Prayers for a Fragile World" by Carol Watson