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Life in Lock-down

This is our 13th day in lock-down and the prospect of a further 3 months is certainly challenging. My husband has a serious heart condition, which is why, on medical advice, we went into isolation quite early.

So what are we learning from this weird experience? Firstly, I think, the need to give the day structure and to think of all the things we've meant to do but haven't had time for, from knitting to learning a new language; from spending more time gardening to reading all those books on the pile! There are no appointments to keep, no deadlines to meet, so slow down, relax and enjoy whatever you've chosen to do. And don't forget to programme in some meditative, reflection time as well as time to telephone friends and family and send e-mails. Keeping in touch with people is more vital than ever.

Robin and I have always quite enjoyed cooking but, with busy lives, we've inevitably cut corners and to be honest usually ended up cooking the same 5 or 6 recipes nearly every week! So, it's time to break out of the rut and get creative. We have time. We've been scouring old cookery books and recipe folders in search of things we have cooked in the past and forgotten about, as well as looking at new recipes. Why is this important? Because if you like food, as we do, a good meal cheers one up and contributes greatly to one's mental as well as physical health. Initially, we were rather pre-occupied with the practicalities of self isolating: where we would get our shopping from and how? But now that deliveries from local shops and the kindness of friends have sorted that out, we can start proper planning for our lock-down. As we can no longer pop out to the shops whenever we want, it's important to plan ahead and we now try to plan a menu for the forthcoming week and make shopping lists. This also means we look more carefully at the balance and variety of food we're eating.

Cooking may not be your thing, but I would recommend giving it a go.

Anita Ballin

Today we are sharing a prayer from a child at Madron Church of England school.