Blog, March 31st Easter Day

Christ is Risen! He has risen indeed.

John 20: 1-18
A blessed and glorious Eastertide to all our readers.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – New Life

It means,’ said Aslan, ‘that though the Witch knew the Deep magic, there is a magic deeper still which she did not know. Her knowledge goes back only to the dawn of time. But if she could have looked a little further back, into the stillness and the darkness before Time dawned, she would have read there a different incantation.’

Last week, we saw Aslan take his final steps alone to a violent death at the hands of the White Witch. Now that he is dead, the Witch and her entourage leave and Lucy and Susan slowly make their way to the Stone Table. They kneel in the wet grass, cry, cover Aslan’s lifeless face in kisses, and endure the long, cold hours of the night ahead.

Exhausted, desolate, the girls slowly walk to the eastern edge of the hill and the sky inches from grey, to red, then gold, as the sun starts to rise. Behind them, they hear an almighty crack and turning in fear, they see that the Stone Table has broken in two and Aslan is no longer there. First, they are dismayed, convinced that the Witch’s troops have taken his body, but then…they see him. He stands, larger than before, mane grown back after the Witch’s henchmen had shaved him, shining in the sunlight. Aslan lives.

Lucy and Susan rush to him, embrace him, cover him again with kisses, delight in him, as Aslan declares ‘Oh children catch me if you can!’.  They chase him, laughing for joy, rolling with him in the grass.

There is a deep and securing happiness in Lucy and Susan in this moment, the kind of happiness that doesn’t need to know quite what happens next — how will the Witch be defeated?  How will Narnia be saved? — but instead, fills them with peace and contentment in the present.  The great lion has been resurrected, Narnia is redeemed by his sacrifice, but also, and no less importantly, their friend is alive and back with them. Death has not had the final word.  – Josie

Welcome and congratulations:
Today, Easter Sunday, the Baptism of Toby Harrow Cock will take place at Paul church.

St Peter’s Church Newlyn

At St Peter’s Newlyn there are Easter votive candles lit in memory of a loved one who have died.  Because of the resurrection of Jesus, we celebrate that death is not the end.

Cluster Service April 7th 10.30am at St Mary’s Church

The  Cluster service, and the final Sunday  service at which Andrew and Sian will lead, will be on Sunday 7th April at 10.30am: St Mary’s Church Penzance. This service will be followed by Lunch at The Lugger at 12.30pm, a time to eat together.  Please sign up for the meal in one of the Cluster churches.

Barn Dance: After Easter social event

Saturday 6th April: 6.30pm- 9pm: St Mary’s church Penzance
Bring a plate of food to share.  We do hope that you are able to join us.

Paul Church Summer Talk

“From rejection to an OBE”

A talk by Floyd Steadman OBE. 

Tuesday April 2nd 7pm drink and nibbles, talk starts 7.30pm.
Floyd had a difficult childhood but at the age of 23, and as one of the few black players in English club rugby at the time, he was named captain of Saracen’s. He played a leading role in the club’s success during the 1980s. After retiring from rugby, he emerged as a talented and inspiring teacher and headmaster, having a positive impact on many, many young lives. Copies of his book ‘A Week One Summer’ will be on sale.

Election Of Church Wardens and Church Council Members

Nomination forms are available in all Cluster churches as people begin the important task of selecting people who will lead and serve their church during this coming year.  Please prayerfully pray about serving the church in a variety of ways …or nominating others.

Western District Spring Festival

Schools’ Holy Week RE days

A huge thanks to all who helped out in so many ways at the recent RE days where children explored seasonal themes in both St Mary’s and Paul church.  All inspired by CS Lewis’ book “The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe”.
Children engaged in looking at the theme of Sacrifice as they helped to make the mane of Aslan.

They made up verses and made flowers as they danced around the cherry tree giving thanks for new life.  Making boxes of Temptations helped them to connect with the story of Edmund and the Turkish delight.  Looking at what makes the world sad, and dark was a theme developed by the creation of a snowy Narnia.  All in all, the Narnia story helped young people to develop the Christian themes contained in Holy Week and Easter.  Thanks everyone for your help.

Easter garden experience at St Mary’s Pz

I really enjoyed working with the reception class from our church school.

The children were in two groups of about 15 each taking  it in turns to hear an Easter story and then work on the garden. They enjoyed telling me what they had learnt about Easter and had a biscuit. Hot drinks for the teachers. Victoria 

Paul Wild Flower Meadow Project 

The next stage of this project is now complete!  All ready for Easter.  The idea behind this project was to create an outdoor creative and learning space in the corner of the wild meadow which could be accessed via the Quiet Garden at the back of Paul Church hall.  The work was carried out by South West Play with a local resident who kindly cleared and levelled the area with manual tools, but some additional levelling was needed. The work was carried out in very wet and muddy conditions but was completed on time with the area left as clean and tidy as possible.

Good things happen in the night…

Last Wednesday at St. Mary’s, Alice was blessed in her ministry as NightChurch worker by Bishop Hugh, and Eliza and Alex were baptised.  I was privileged to be there and wanted to share a reflection on the evening.

The first thing to say is that our heating system may not work, but there was so much warmth and love that evening that even a chilly soul such as myself didn’t notice.  There was a whirl of activity — food was served, hot drinks made, conversations had — and I had no sense of an ‘us’ (the ‘church folk’) and ‘them’ (anyone else).  We were one glorious, occasionally loud (in our laughter) gathering of friends.

Victoria had decorated the altar steps in candles, which looked wonderful, and the atmosphere was one of attentive expectation.
The sound system had broken at 7.00pm, but at 7.05pm, a complete stranger strolled in, having seen the lights on, who happened to be a musician from the Royal College of Music. He agreed to take part in the evening by playing music at apposite moments: we were blessed by such serendipity.
First, Sian spoke of Alice’s work and dedication at Night Church and her vision in wanting to bring it about and Alice talked in turn about some of the background to it.  

And then Bishop Hugh, who’d been delayed in traffic, arrived and prayed for Alice and blessed her.  He spoke of all the important moments in scripture which take place at night.  I felt real joy: proud of our dear Alice, proud that St. Mary’s opens itself up in love to our neighbours and, as I’m a relatively new member of the congregation, blessed to be witness to this tender, special service.

Then, we moved to the baptism of our dear friends, Eliza and Alex.  It was a gorgeous experience: informal, yet rich in symbolism (the turning to the East, the use of consecrated oil to mark the sign of the cross on their foreheads) and participatory: those who wished to were invited to proceed to the front and also anoint Eliza and Alex with the oil.  We then clustered about the font, where our friends were baptised with hearty splashes of holy water.  And all the while, we were accompanied by the exquisite music our musician friend – whose name is Ryan Collis – played.  Lydia had baked a cake in the shape of a church for us to enjoy and I felt so grateful, and moved, to be part of this special community of friends, who are family, precisely because we are friends.  It was an evening full of God’s grace. – Josie

Please find a below a video from Ryan’s beautiful playing on the night and a link to his website.

Hilfield retreat and Franciscan experience

9th- 12th April. We have a number of people taking part in this Franciscan retreat.  Please hold the group in your prayers as they learn more about Franciscan spirituality and way of life.  Owing to a hospital appointment we do have one spare space if you are keen to come along.

Website of the week

The great mediaeval theologian and philosopher, St Thomas Aquinas, greatly valued music as a source of contemplative insight in Christian life. What better way to celebrate this wonderful season of Easter than by praying along with the transcendental choral finale of Mahler’s Resurrection Symphony performed in Ely Cathedral by the London Symphony Orchestra and the Edinburgh Festival Chorus, conducted by the incomparable Leonard Bernstein.

A Sailing Experience

April Friday 26th- Sunday 28th 
We are planning to take 6 young people on a weekend sailing adventure.  This is for older teenagers.  The organisation is bringing their training boat down to Falmouth for us.  If you know of a young person who might be interested, then please get in touch with Sian. Or if you feel able to help sponsor a young person to take part in the adventure contact Keno.

Easter Holiday Kids Club

We are holding 4 days holiday clubs at St. John’s Church Pz: Mon 1st April, Tues 2nd, Thurs 4th and Fr 5th: 9.30-3pm.  We are pleased that we have been able to obtain a small grant towards this work.  The group will be smaller than usual…just 20 children between the ages of 6-11yrs.
Easter Monday: Playzone, Easter egg fun.
Tuesday: sculpture gardens and playzone.
Thursday: aquarium and trampoline park Newquay.
Friday: Flambards.
Might you be able to offer any help or make some cakes?

Summer Holiday Club Grant

We are grateful to St Mary’s and St Paul’s Trust for donating £2k towards the summer 2024 young people’s holiday camps. Although we get a little money from the government for children in receipt of free school meals there is no help available to help families who need help with holiday childcare because they are working…it is such a tough time for many.

St Peter’s Church Newlyn

Littleland Childrens Role play for under
Saturday 6th April 10.00am – 12.00pm
All sessions are FREE and refreshments are provided for the children.  Hot drinks and cakes.

Generous grant by the St Mary and St Paul Trust

Thanks to the generosity of Christians of past generations and the thoughtfulness of present Trustees £8k has been given to Penlee Cluster towards administrative functions and
website….those often unseen tasks that enable mission and outreach to happen across our churches.
For our part, please point as many people as possible to our excellent website….it really does help people to engage in the exciting work of our churches.

St. Peter’s Church Newlyn

Community and Memory Café
A new opportunity for a chat, friendship and a get together.
The first Wednesday in the month. 12 midday to 2.00 pm
Coffee, teas and light refreshments. Drop in any time you can. Bring a friend. Arts and crafts. For more information contact: Lynda Stevens.

From the intercession group.

If you would like to receive the full weekly intercession list or would like to send in intercession requests please contact Mel.
Pray for guidance, wisdom and compassion between leaders that there may be a lasting peace in the world: for those who have travelled far, fleeing war and violence and give thanks for those who have welcomed them into their homes, and praying for all affected war and by natural disasters and those who give aid. Give thanks for the ministry of lay people and the skillful and sensitive way they exercise this ministry; for worship leaders, communion ministers, the Clergy Team, our Licensed Lay Ministers (Readers) and Pastoral Ministers, and all who visit people at home. For all who offer their time and care to others.

A Good Friday Meditation

In this meditation for Good Friday, Bishop Helen-Ann reflects on the potential of trees to bear witness to pain, strength and new life. Readings from the Dream of the Rood are woven together with music from the Northumbria community and the Northumbrian pipes to offer an original and compelling angle on an age-old story.

In case you missed this meditation, clicking on the image will take you to the BBC Sounds page.

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Memory Café

United Nations Climate Change conference in the United Arab Emirates

Care for Creation

We want to demonstrate that the gospel is good news for God’s earth.

More Information;

St Mary’s CofE

A happy Church of England School in a stunning location with an entrance directly off Penzance Prom.

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