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We wish to see Jesus.

Jeremiah 31:31-34 John 12: 20-33

Today’s Gospel speaks of some Greeks, possibly gentile converts to Judaism, who were in Jerusalem for the Passover festival. They had heard of Jesus, maybe through the tumult of the crowds when he rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, and now they wanted to see him for themselves. Conversation Questions:

1. When you think about Jesus, where do you picture him in your mind: on the cross, or somewhere else?

2. If someone asked you to tell them about Jesus to help them picture him in their minds, what would you say to them?

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

On the journey

‘Every moment the patches of green grew bigger, and the patches of snow grew smaller. Every moment more and more of the trees shook off their robes of snow.’

This week, we follow the Pevensie children on their respective travels: Peter, Susan and Lucy start making their way to the Stone Table with the beavers, while Edmund has fled to the White Witch’s side. The motivations behind these journeys are different, but the destination is the same: Aslan. And on both journeys, we see signs that Narnia is becoming unstuck; it is thawing; more than that, it is racing into Spring. Bluebells, running water, green leaves: Aslan, as Beaver said back over dinner, is on the move. Edmund, despite his betrayal of his siblings and his own brokenness, feels his heart give a great leap, though he doesn’t know why, whereas the White Witch and her henchman experience the transformation all around them as destruction. The Pevensie children and the beavers, however, are openly delighted: they sense — without being able to articulate it just yet — that this flourishing abundance is an intimation of true resurrection in Narnia. This is the beginning of hope.

It can be the seemingly smallest, most ordinary thing that brings hope for us: a smile from someone on the street, a vivid burst of yellow as the daffodils open. There are days when we barely notice such things, but then there are the days when their presence couldn’t be more important. We can find ourselves looking afresh at the world, as the small and the ordinary prove themselves to be not small or ordinary at all, but signs in our own lives of resurrection.

Holy Week School workshops.

Mon 25th March at Paul church; Tues 26th at St Mary’s
9am- 2pm

Our workshops this year are based on the story of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, all in preparation for young people to gain an insight into the events of Holy Week and Easter.

If you are able to help, please contact Andrew or Sian Yates.

Social Justice course – Act on Poverty

A Christian Aid resource

Wednesday, 20th March, 6pm, in the Celtic side chapel at St. Mary’s
Week Five: Hopeful

  • Those of us with lived experience of poverty face additional barriers to accessing mental health services, whilst being more likely to experience mental health challenges. (Source: Mind, 2021)
  • 67% of people aged 16-24 believe that their generation will be worse off than their parents’ generation. (Source: Barnardo’s, 2019)

Useful audio and video links:

A question to consider before the fifth session: Has there been a time in your life when you had to hold on to hope in difficult circumstances? Where did you find hope when you needed it?

Cluster service and lunch.

The next Cluster service, and the final Sunday service at which Andrew and Sian will lead, will be on Sunday 7th April at 10.30am: St Mary’s church Penzance. There will be Cluster lunch at The Lugger after that service at 12.30pm. We would love to see you and have a time to eat together. Lesley Michell needs to know the numbers from each church by the beginning of Holy Week, so please sign up soon.

Barn Dance: After Easter social event

Saturday 6th April: 6.30pm- 8.30pm: St Mary’s church Penzance Bring a plate of food to share. We do hope that you are able to join us.

Lent Lunches ….final one for this year

Saturday lent lunches Between 12 noon and 1.15pm.

In aid of Christian Aid and CAFOD projects.l

Sat 23th March – Madron + Wesley Rock – at Madron Methodist chapel.

Pastoral leaders meeting and training.

Tuesday 19th March 10am: St Mary’s church Penzance
An important time for the ministers to gather, to learn from each other and to look at working as a team to support others.

St Peter’s Church Newlyn Easter votive candles

If you wish to have a candle lit in memory of a loved one, please put the name on the sheet at the back of church. £1 per candle.

Easter holiday kids club

We are holding 4 days holiday club at St. John’s Church Pz: Mon 1st April, Tues 2nd, Thurs 4th and Fr 5th: 9.30-3pm. We are pleased that we have been able to obtain a small grant towards this work. The group will be smaller than usual…just 20 children between the ages of 6-11yrs.

  • Easter Monday: Playzone, Easter egg fun.
  • Tuesday: sculpture gardens and playzone.
  • Thursday: aquarium and trampoline park Newquay.
  • Friday: Flambards.

Might you be able to offer any help or make some cakes? If you can please speak to family worker Molly

Community orchard planting

At the heart of Paul Village there is a secret garden that is not known by many long term residents.  The wall at the side of the road from Paul to Sheffield is so tall that you cannot see over it… If you could, you would discover a large area of nature. It is in fact a closed churchyard and is known as The Cholera Field because the victims of a Cholera Epidemic that hit the community of Newlyn in the 1830s are all buried there.

  On 6th March a new exciting development took place there. After doing all the necessary consultations with the ecclesiastical authorities and with Cornwall Council who have a maintenance responsibility for the ground, the Church Council were given permission to create a Community Orchard on the space.

The whole of Mousehole School ‘invaded ‘ the field to plant 20 fruit trees – apples and plums. It worked out at about 5 children per tree! And they joyfully placed the trees in position and filled in the holes and added the mulch and gave a first watering. There were also several blackcurrant bushes that were planted as well.

  A huge thank you to Dixie Dean who linked up with Forest for Cornwall to source the trees and with help from the Pretty Committee and did all the hard work of preparation. And thanks too to Jane Haward who oversaw the paperwork and form filling that was needed. Sally from Budding Nature will be doing a detailed survey of the wildlife in the Orchard so watch out for the unusual species living in your back garden. But most of all thank you to the children and staff of Mousehole School for their enthusiasm AND hard work!!

  We hope this will be just a start and that more plantings will be added so that the space becomes a place of relaxation and fun for the whole community. And I am looking forward to sampling the first Cholera Field Apple Cider once the harvesting begins!

Julian Meeting

The Julian meeting will be held online at 6pm this week and the link is below.   If you are unable to join us and would like to reflect at a time convenient to you, the prayers are below. Go well with love Mel, Judith, Virginia and Diana.

Opening Prayer

A blessing for solitude
May you recognise in your life the presence, power and light in your soul.  
May you realise that you are never alone; that your soul in its brightness and belonging connects you intimately with the rhythm of the universe.  
May you have respect for your own individuality and difference. 
May you realise that the shape of your soul is unique, that you have a special destiny here.  
That behind the facade of your life there is something beautiful, good and eternal happening.  
May you learn to see yourself with the same delight, pride and expectation with which God sees you in every moment.


Teach me the power and strength of silence

Closing prayer

Teach me the power and strength of silence
that I may go into the world 
as still as a mouse
in the depths of my heart 
      (Mechtild of Magdeburg)

Orthodox Christian community

Many of you will know that an orthodox Christian community meets at St Peter’s church in Newlyn every two months.

We are always delighted to offer them hospitality and a place to worship. You might also know that their Church calendar is very different from our own. So we are including a letter from their priest….I hope that this will help for greater understanding between the various branches of the Christian faith.

Dear friends,

  I want to say a few words about our parish’s next two meetings in Cornwall. Next Sunday, when we meet in St Columb Major, will be Forgiveness Sunday. At sunset Great Lent will begin. We shall meet again, in Newlyn on April 27th – Lazarus Saturday. Great Lent will have ended at sunset the previous day. It looks as though we are missing the whole of Great Lent. I want to say something about just that.

  In the fifth week of Lent, we remember the life of Mary of Egypt. It is the story of Zosimas, one of the holiest men who ever lived, and his search for a teacher who can guide him further in his journey to God. He arrives at a monastery, where they have a custom. At the beginning of Lent, leaving a few elderly monks to maintain the services, they all go into the desert to be alone with God.

 It is in the desert that Zosimas encounters the teacher he is looking for, the penitent Mary of Egypt. If, as a parish, we are not meeting during Great Lent, there is of course a great deal that we shall be missing. But if in some sense we try to be alone with God, we may in fact be in touch with a profound and ancient way of keeping Lent.

  As a parish, we shall meet on the day before and the day after Great Lent. This next Sunday, is Forgiveness Sunday, when we ask each other’s forgiveness, assure each other that God forgives, and exchange the Kiss of Peace. If in any way we succeed in making this real, we shall begin Lent with perhaps the profoundest lesson it has to teach us. When we meet again in April, it will be Lazarus Saturday, a day of immense significance which not only points to Easter, but shows us Christ encountering and sharing our human experience of death grief and pointing to His own transformation of that experience in the Mystery of His own Resurrection.

  A few practical things about Lent. First of all, Lent in our language is an ancient word for Springtime. It is not a time of misery, but the very opposite. We should think of the Fast, not so much in terms of giving things up, but rather as a serious attempt to rediscover our God-given appetites in readiness for the Great Feasts of Easter and Pentecost.

  We must not turn Lent into some preoccupation with rules. We Christians do not live under the Law, but under Grace. We must remember that what we tend to think of as rules, are in fact patterns of discipleship. Those patterns developed among monks in very deferent climates from ours, and with very different lives. We have to adjust those traditions to our own circumstances. For example, if one is a driver, it would be utterly irresponsible to keep the most ancient traditions of the first week, when long ago one did not eat from sunset on Sunday till after sunset on Wednesday. I am not suggesting that we ignore the traditional patterns, but it is entirely proper to adapt them to our very different situations.

While on the subject of food, could I mention that this week is Pancake Week. The West has a Pancake Day. We have a Pancake Week! Do enjoy it. God Bless you all, Father Benedict.

Cluster Film Club 

“One Life”

Kings Arms, Paul Thurs 21st March at 2pm.

Based on the book If It’s Not Impossible…: The Life of Sir Nicholas Winton. In a race against time, Winton convinces the British Committee for Refugees in Czechoslovakia to rescue hundreds of predominantly Jewish children before Nazi occupation closes the borders.

Holy Week in the Penlee Cluster:

March 24th- March 30th

9am – 2pm School workshop on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Paul Church

9am – 2pm School workshop on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: St Mary’s Church Pz

9am: 1662 communion: Paul Church
11am: Eucharist and address: St Peter’s Church Newlyn

Maundy Thursday
11am: foot-washing and Eucharist: St Mary’s Church Pz
7pm: Communion: Paul Church
8pm: The watch: Celtic quiet garden: Paul

Good Friday  “To the foot of the cross”
Penlee cluster Pilgrimage and reflections
10am: meditation St John’s Church Pz
10.30am: pilgrim walk
11am: meditation St Mary’s Church Pz
11.30am: pilgrim walk
12.15pm: meditation and lunch St. Peter’s Church Newlyn
1pm pilgrim walk
2pm: meditation and Good Friday worship at Paul Church

Sat March 30th The crucifixion – Stainer 7pm: St Mary’s Church Pz

Easter Day: New life
7am: Sunrise Eucharist: lighting of new fire and first Eucharist
8am: Easter breakfast: Paul hall
9.30am: traditional Mass: St Peter’s Church Newlyn
10.30am: sung communion at Paul Church
11am: Sung Eucharist: St Mary’s Church Pz

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United Nations Climate Change conference in the United Arab Emirates

Care for Creation

We want to demonstrate that the gospel is good news for God’s earth.

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St Mary’s CofE

A happy Church of England School in a stunning location with an entrance directly off Penzance Prom.

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