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By the Time.......(syndrome)

I would like to share this advice I received on a phone from a friend. It's called the by the time syndrome. She says just like every one I think, I also have the by the time syndrome, probably still do a bit but a few things tend to have changed after this gathering in my head. When I was young I used to say that by the age of 18, probably I should be earning my first million , in my defence I started work at an early stage. Then thought of the first property like about 20 first house at like 25, get married at like 27, first child at 29, in my thirties to start like chilling. ha-ha I am some years now but have no child. You see things did not necessarily go my way first million did not come at 18, so sad other things ended up much later in life like I think it got to a point where I started to panic and asking why aren’t things happening my way. Things that have helped to kill the by the time syndrome.

  1.  Active patience. Be actively patient in the sense of telling your self that even if things tend to happen in five years I will be happily waiting for the five years ..but actively meaning you are planning and thinking of  plan B  if my amazing plan A does not work out ,what’s my plan C if my backup plan B doesn’t work out.
  2. Not to get so much attached to the emotion but to the reason right!  Let’s give an example of marriage and you say you want to get married at 25 what’s the reason of you getting married,  the reason should be more important than the emotion , you that emotion of my dress would be like this! I will have such cars for my convoy ,my parents would be off my back, I will be happy, no what’s the actual reasons, many times when people that have set their targets when asked they do not know the actual reasons ,they haven't concretised their actual reasons for their target or wanting to do it. Your doing it because everyone is doing it, or you want to get pressure off your back. Your doing it because the person you don't think is better than you have done it. This crosses to the whole world don’t get into the envy, the jealousy, the pressure.
  3. Do not compare the start or the finish of other people. “I think I can achieve that as well,” you may not know their start and  neither do you know their finish. There some people you look at as being successful and meanwhile in their minds they are far from what they want,  you do at your pace, how you what them go be done but not your parents pressure or workmates.
  4. Rerouting at any point,  get another  way to start you are the CEO of your life and boss. Some reach certain years and you think now your hopeless especially go the years you would think should be productive which you think everything is going to happen your way when you get there the things stop working the way you want them to be, that’s the time of rerouting and face another way.  Some are not good at business, it’s okay ...if it fails miserably, there is power in your skill and communicating it might not be business but others skill, so reroute, erase and start afresh. I love this more.
  5. Do it for you not for others someone should have told me this before I did this to please my parents, in most cases if you are the only child of the family or other wise. If some people in our lives do not approve of any job, circumstance, we call it off how ever much we want to go for it. For some reason we put pressure on our selves that we want to please may be our mothers. So have your time because the people you are trying to please, and impress don’t really care or matter and may not know that you are sacrificing for their sake. so, friends kill that by the time, syndrome PUTTING your self under pressure.


Alex Nabyonga

Cluster intern.








Golowan Feast service. 

A civic service in remembrance of St. John the Baptist, was held on 23rd June 2019. It started with a procession from St. Johns hall in Penzance , it involved the town mayor , members of the town council, representatives of other public bodies, St. Marys C of England school ,the towns people of Penzance,  the Penzance youth wind Band that led the procession from St Johns hall, myself carrying the cross and  taking turns with Alex and Jason carrying the head of John the Baptist.

We marched together with everyone to St. John’s Church Penzance.

The service was led by Revd Sian Yates Team leader of the Penlee Cluster who addressed the congregation about “Leaders and servants”. The children of St Mary's school re-echoed the qualities of a good leader. I led intercession prayers for leaders in the world with John and Brian praying for leaders in the community and for praying for ourselves as leaders and servants. 

I loved the song selection, Make me a channel of your peace, Guide me O my great Redeemer, among others , they were prayers to God for all leaders.

The clergy led the civic party at the back of the church with the town mayor and members of the town council.