Covid 19 information

Jesus Christ, you traveled through towns and villages “curing every disease and illness.” At your command, the sick were made well.
Come to our aid now, in the midst of the global spread of the coronavirus, that we may experience your healing love.
Heal those who are sick with the virus. May they regain their strength and health through quality medical care.
Heal us from our fear, which prevents nations from working together and neighbours from helping one another.
Heal us from our pride, which can make us claim invulnerability to a disease that knows no borders.

Penlee Cluster of Churches - March 2020

During this time of the global Covid19 crisis, when many people are self isolating, public worship suspended and all are uncertain about what lies ahead, we are encouraging us all to weave a solid prayer pattern into  our daily routine.

For weeks  ahead  our usual  activities are  suspended. Precious meetings with friends and colleagues are discouraged. Even volunteering is now not possible for many.  All feels  quite unsettling and even lonely and upsetting.

The suspension of public worship especially  during Lent, Holy Week and Easter is challenging and  perplexing. Worshipping in physical isolation at the times we usually gather to remember the events of Holy Week and celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus on Easter Day will be particularly painful and strange for some.

WORSHIP IN THE PENLEE CLUSTER as public worship is suspended

Each day (as long as we are able and well) priests and ministers will gather each morning at 7.30 am in St Mary’s Celtic chapel  PZ to pray morning prayer. If there are people you wish to be prayed for please send us your requests.

We are encouraging all people in the quiet of their own homes to say morning prayer at a convenient time ....and at the bottom of this page you will find an act of worship you may wish to use.

Each day there will be a daily thought for the day on our web site. You might want to write a thought for the day for us to send out.

As a Daily Eucharist is part of the practice of this cluster we will continue this. A priest will privately say the Eucharist on behalf of people. 


On Sunday we hope to live stream a simple act of worship at 10.30am

At 5pm each day we are asking people to say prayers as we remember each other and review the day with God.  A copy of the Examen can be found at the end of the service, at the bottom of the page.

At 7pm The Archbishop of Canterbury is asking that we light a candle in our window at this time.

More than ever we need to remember that God is with us, upholds us and loves us deeply.

Let’s confidently join with each other in prayer as we are in our individual homes.

We are sending to each of you a small gift. 

1. A palm cross, which was blessed at Morning Prayer this week as we prayed for people within our congregations.
2. A small candle, to be lit on Easter Day when we remember the resurrection of our Lord.
3. A book of psalms, “He revived me with Apricots”. This book was written by John York Moore, a retired doctor, one of our congregation and a member of the Third order Franciscans.
4. A Stations of the Cross leaflet.
5. A suggested Order of Worship for morning prayer and a night reflection.

Holy Week and Easter

Maundy Thursday : simple service streamed at 7pm

Good Friday : simple service streamed at 2pm

Easter morning : lighting of new fire at 6.30 am...streamed from the quiet garden

On Easter Sunday morning we hope to stream a simple Communion Service. You may wish to have a small piece of bread and wine in front of you so that we can share in a fellowship meal with each other at thanks that our God reigns.

Pastoral Help

If you need help with collecting food or medicine please give us a ring.
If you could help with pastoral support please let us know.
From time to time, and to lift our spirits, musicians might live stream some music to us....

Every blessing from the staff, clergy, Readers and church wardens.

01736 367863   Sian and Andrew  yates

01736 365079   Keith Owen


Morning Prayer

Be still and know that I am God.
God journeys with us in uncertain times:
We turn our thoughts and prayers to him.  (a time of silence when we might wish to light a candle.)

Because God is good,
And has intended us to share that goodness,
We open ourselves to nothing less than transformation.
Holy God,
Holy and mighty,
Holy and immortal
Have mercy on us.

God enfolding, God surrounding,
God in speaking, God in hoping.
God in sleeping, God in hoping.
God in loving, God in sharing.
God in us suffering,
God to good enticing.
God unfolding, God surrounding.
God for now and God for ever

We hold before God and name our concerns for today knowing that God listens to us and holds us safe in his hand......

1.        For our world
2.        For our community
3.        For our family
4.        For ourselves
5.        For health workers and front-line workers.

You are the word behind all words,
the Calm at the core of the storm,
the energy that sustains creation.

You are present in the Pain behind the tears,
The laughter in our eyes, the yearning of our heart.

You might wish to read one of the psalms in “He revived me with apricots”. The psalms are full of different and honest emotions that the writers offered to God. These songs were played by Jesus during his earthly life..

You might want to listen to a piece of music during your prayer time.

We say the Lord’s Prayer

We end our pray time with this prayer as we offer this day to God.

The circle of God around us.
The circle of love empowering us.
The circle of God around us.
The circle of peace protecting us.
The circle of joy uplifting us.   Now and for ever. Amen

The Examen as we review our day in the evening

What people don’t often realise is that the Examen is exceptionally flexible and adaptive. It can be used to review your day or it can be adapted to hone in on a specific issue or focus. So in light of the new set of circumstances many of us find ourselves in with COVID-19, it is helpful to adapt the Examen to this unique situation.

Take a moment to settle. Take a deep breath. Get comfortable. Like a rock settling on the bottom of a lake after it’s thrown in, let yourself settle.

1.     Acknowledge how you are feeling in this moment. If being calm is hard, acknowledge it. If you find yourself frustrated or stressed, acknowledge it. God wants to be present in all parts of our lives—not just the easy or serene moments.

2.     Ask for light and insight as you prepare to review your day. For some that light may come in the form of a sense of the Divine. For others it’s from a deep sense of your true self.

3.     Take a moment to think about how COVID-19 has impacted your life. Even as we are being asked to distance ourselves from one another socially, ask yourself what connections you find yourself grateful for?
Who makes you feel grounded and connected to God?

4.     Public health issues have a way of making us recognise how interwoven our lives are with others in society. It can help us realise who we may often choose not to see or connect with.Is there a person or group of people especially affected by COVID-19 that you don’t often choose to see or connect with normally? What connections to others are you becoming more aware of? Who do you normally choose to reach out and connect to? Who do you avoid or refuse to see? If you can, picture the faces of these people. What connections do you take for granted in your life? What connections impact you the most?

5.     Note the emotions you feel when you think of these individuals without judging or overanalyzing. Simply acknowledge them, pay attention, and listen to where God may be speaking.

6.     As you think of the ways we are connected or disconnected to one another, pick a connection (or lack thereof) that seems important, significant, or is manifesting itself the strongest. Pause and reflect on where you’re being invited to grow from that moment. If you are a person of faith, take a moment to pray with it.

7.     God gifted us with limitless creativity and imagination. Even in this time of separation and possible isolation, what is one way you can maintain meaningful connection to others—whether directly, through technology, or intentional focus and attention?

Take a deep breath and moment of quiet. When you are ready, return to your day.