Congratulations to Revd Howard Peskett & Paul Tyreman

Congratulations to the Reverend Howard Peskett and Paul Tyreman who have been named among the 29 people due to be honoured as new Cornish Bards by Gorsedh Kernow at a ceremony in the grounds of Prideaux Place in Padstow on 2nd September, as part of this year’s Esedhvos Festival.

A respected theological author, Revd Howard felt honoured to have been recognised by Gorsedh Kernow.

“Fifty years ago my father was vicar of St Keverne,” he says. “I am not Cornish, but when my wife and I came, gratefully, to live here in 2006, we determined to try to embed ourselves in Cornwall; to understand, to stand-under, what it means to be Cornish and what it feels like to be Cornish, and the challenges that Cornwall faces, like other outlying areas of the UK. To become a bard tells me that Gorsedh Kernow has honoured my first steps in making Cornwall my home. Kernow bys vykken!”

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