Exhibitions at St Mary's

September Exhibition at St Mary’s Church

Andy Wingham is a photographer living in St Levan. His pictures of West Penwith are inspired by its seas, its fauna and flora, it's dawns and sunsets. The September Exhibition at St Mary's Church in Penzance is a treat.

Andy manages to view familiar scenes with artistic eyes, making each picture a unique experience.

For the photographers amongst you, Andy shoots in 'raw' yet refuses to use Photoshop to realign the images. Instead, his tonal values and close attention to detail offer the photographer and casual observer an experience worth having. Andy's pictures are on sale and all are framed. 


Happy Art Exhibition 

The exhibition is open Tues to Sat 10am to 2pm

Art Exhibition from Monday July 22nd 2019 to Monday August 12th 2019


Happy Art is a Community based Art group in Hayle in West Cornwall.



HAPPY ART was developed and designed by Professional Artist Emma Davies and started in October 2018. Much focus of Art and Crafts is and around St Ives and there was a big need for such a group in Hayle.

I wanted to take away the pretentious of Art, build people's confidence, take a person's fear away of facing a white canvas and inspire people. By with trying different methods and teaching about medias, Artists via contrasting themes I hope everyone has fun and feel happy”.


Emma Davies April 2019.


I am so lucky to have a such a varied and talented group of Artists to meet weekly for HAPPY ART. We have our own Face book page.


Happy Art will be holding painting classes on the Thursdays during the show dates. The group will be in the Church grounds

as well as painting in the Church, attempting to master the beautiful stain glass window of St.Mary's


Beverly Jones

“I have lived most of my life in Worcestershire, but after spending many years of holidays in Cornwall we decided not to “go home”. I have always been interested in Art, now in semi retirement I able to learn new skills as an Artist which is greatly inspired by the beautiful surroundings in which I live. I have been with Happy Art since the start, we have great fun experimenting and sharing ideas. I hope you get as much pleasure from our art as we get from creating it.”


Penny Dingley

“ I have always enjoyed the creative side and in 2005 I had the opportunity to take a Foundation Degree in Fine art. I am now in a position to spend more time doing something I love, so here are some of the inspirations that feed my soul.



Tricia Forrester

“ I am Tricia and after spending most of my adult life in Devon. I moved to Cornwall in 2018. I love the wildness of the Atlantic coast and strive to represent it in my paintings. I also love to the vibrant colours in my abstract Art.”


Liz Burnham

“My name is Liz. I am originally from Coventry, but moved to Cornwall 14 years ago. I was completely new to Art. I joined the group with no previous experience. I am enjoying learning to paint and draw in all the medias. I particularly enjoy sketching. I am hoping over time to produce some varied pictures using all types of forms.”


Jo McCarthy

“I have lived in Cornwall for more than 40 years and use the wonderful Cornish scenery as my main inspiration. I have studied using many different media but my favourite is oil paint. I particularly like to paint woodlands and seascapes and am always interested in where the light has an impact on the subject matter. I studied Art up to A Level and have really got back into it since retiring a few years ago”.


Sally James

“I have lived in West Cornwall for 15 years and have a lifelong enthusiasm for art and various crafts. I enjoy textile work, especially embroidery and was keen to develop my drawing skills to enhance my designs. This had lead me to recently taking up painting again, in particular subjects from nature. Visitors take many photographs when they visit Cornwall, so if they like take a piece of art work home with them, something that may reflect some of the atmosphere they felt while here”.


Maggie Taylor

“I am originally from South Staffordshire, I moved to St Ives two years ago. I have been inspired by the beautiful scenery the light and lively Art Community around me. In my childhood I have always played with art. I found Happy Art and my new journey began. I prefer my paintings to evolve by themselves as I go along. I adore naive art, whimsical pictures and Doodle art.”


Anne Hall

“I started painting with Happy Art after semi retirement from the NHS. I was born and brought and continue to live in Hayle. I am still in the process of discovering which of the media I prefer. However, recently I have been experimenting with fine ink designs”.


Angela Fowler

“I was born in London and worked in the retail sector for the past 30 years and as I now work part time I have time to attend group. I joined Happy Art in January 2019 and my interests are with local scenery and seascapes”.


Angie Mills

“I have a long line of Cornish heritage and although I have lived in Cornwall for most of life I have also lived in Singapore and the USA. My influences are the Newlyn school, Turner and Kurt Jackson. I have a love of the sea and the atmosphere of the North Coast and West Penwith. My main media is watercolours and now oils”.



And Finally, the teacher Emma Davies I am Welsh from South Wales and moved here 6 years ago. I am mainlyself taught and study daily history of art, particular Artists and methods. I have an A'Level in Art and Design and lucky enough to have a home Art Studio called the “SIT & STAY STUDIO”. Why ? Because I am a Professional Canine Behaviourist and own Happy Paws. I have received a few commissions and I have sold a number of pieces of the over the years. I exhibited in the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists in 2017. During the Summer of 2018 I opened my Studio to the public during which a few visitors asked if I taught and by October 2018 HAPPY ART was up and running.


My passion is the vibrancy of oil painting and the richness that can be created using poppy seed oil by following in Turner's brush strokes.


Thank you so very much for coming along to look at some of our work I do hope you will enjoy our time here in glorious Cornwall and savour in the calm reflection of St.Marys Church.