Volunteering and Giving

Volunteers organise and run many of the activities and interest groups in our church communities. Members of our congregations participate in a number of ways to the services themselves and have become integral to our inclusive way of worship. Volunteering needn't take up a lot of time. It's a great way of contributing to the life of the church, of getting to know other church members, of using existing talents, learning something new or just helping out in the church or in the community. Inside or outside your comfort zone, the choice is yours!"

Could you help by giving a few hours of your time either weekly or monthly? You might decide that you could help for a few months or even a year.

Open the Book : Joining a group of people who go in to schools during the term to enact a bible story

Story keepers: An active Sunday Club for families : Sundays 5pm-6pm in on of the churches

Choir : At Paul and St Mary, PZ

Music group: At St John’s PZ

Bell Ringing at Paul of St Mary PZ

Flower arranging at all four churches

Services participation

Pretty Committee : Men’s gardening group at Paul

Monday Lunch Club at Paul

Pastoral Team : A befriending scheme

Giving Shop

Street Pastors

Breakfast Project

The Food Bank

A school governor

Helping with a children’s holiday club

Stewarding at St Mary’s PZ:

Concert steward: St Mary or Paul

Quiet Garden group@ Paul

Coffee bar @ St Mary PZ

Friday Family Fun : St John PZ

Men’s working group@ St John PZ

Children’s Play zone@ St John PZ