Association of Jewish Refugees

Tree Planting

On January 30th,2022 the Association of Jewish Refugees came to Penwith to plant an oak tree in a closed Churchyard in the village of Paul. This is one of 80 trees being planted around the UK to mark places where Jewish people have been given homes and shelter. Paul was cho-sen because along with nearby village of Mousehole it offered homes to 100 children and 5 teachers from the Jews Free School who were evacuated from London in 1940 because of the Blitz. Their stories are recorded in a book by local author Susan Soyinka called From East End to Lands End Help with the tree planting was provided by children from Mouse-hole School as the school building had been used by the evacuees. Present at the ceremony was Melvia Williams who remembered the arrival ‘as if it was yesterday’ and spoke of a warm coming together of the two groups of children.
Members of the local community who attended are hoping to work with Cormac so that the ground can be developed in a way to promote greater biodiversity.
If you would be interested in finding out more about the Friends of Paul Cholera Field please contact AndrewYates


Updated: 06.06.2022