Cluster links with Nancealverne school

We have now successfully made more links with Nancealverne school. For those of you who haven’t heard of Nancealverne school it’s a school based in Penzance for young people aged 3-19 who have moderate to complex learning difficulties. I am thrilled to be making links with Nancealverne school, they are going to be holding a fundraising event at Soft Play on Tuesday 17th October 10 to 12 so please feel free to come along and help support this event and spread the word. (Please see attached poster for more details). 

We will also be holding a parents’ / carers’ coffee morning with the schools pupil parliament at Soft Play area to look at the space and for parents and students to give their advice towards the sensory area. This will be a great chance to gain feedback from parents about the lack of provision for their children in the local area too. 

We will be having students coming along next year for their work placement week at Soft Play, to help with signing the children in, making refreshments and running activities with the children. 

Kate and I have been up and met with the school inclusion officer and post 16 lead and they are very excited to hear about our future sensory safe space and would love for the children to get involved with this project as much as possible. 

Molly Blewett – family worker

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