Bede and the theory of everything

St Mary's church, Penzance

Friday 6th of October, 2023
7:00 pm

A lecture with Prof Michelle Brown

(light supper served from 6pm onward)

We are delighted to announce that Michelle has found time in her very busy schedule to share  with us some of the contents and ideas contained in her new book.

This book investigates the life and world of Bede (c. 673–735), foremost scholar of the early Middle Ages and ‘the father of English history’. It examines his notable feats, including calculating the first tide-tables; playing a role in the creation of the Ceolfrith Bibles and the Lindisfarne Gospels; writing the earliest extant Old English poetry and the earliest translation of part of the Bible into English; and composing his famous Ecclesiastical History of the English People, with its single dating system. Despite never leaving Northumbria, Bede also wrote a guide to the Holy Land. Michelle P. Brown, an authority on the period, describes new discoveries regarding Bede’s handwriting, his research programme and his previously lost Old English translation of St John’s Gospel, dictated on his deathbed.

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