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Penlee Cluster of Churches …a time of farewell

This Sunday we meet as four cluster churches to worship together and to give thanks to God for our life of faith. What a great time to give thanks for our journey together as a Cluster of churches in West Cornwall…supporting each other in faith, learning from one another and reaching out into our communities with love and generosity….because we know the ever present love of God. It seems a lifetime ago that we first came together to create our Cluster logo, strap line “reaching out together” and take the first tentative steps in exploring what a “bigger table church” might look like.  Churches that have no edges and are inclusive of all people.
  We have had many adventures together and have learnt and experienced so much. It was so good and appropriate to have Bishop Tim with us on Easter Sunday morning as we lit the new fire of Easter, watched the sunrise over the Mount and celebrated our first Easter communion in the Celtic Quiet Garden.  He was the bishop who first challenged us to become a cluster of churches…to pray, reflect and learn together….and just to see where God might lead us.  As simple as that.  Just to watch and pray…to look for the signs of new life, new directions and also to value all that had gone before in our local communities.
  For Sian and Andrew Yates this stage of our journey with you is almost at an end. This will be the last Sunday public act of worship with you today, although we will be working with you in other ways until the end of the month.  It has been a privilege to be part of your faith journey and lives and we will cherish our memories of these 11 amazing years.  We have learnt much from you and have valued your support and prayers for our ministry amongst you. 

  Your faith journey continues in this place.  Every day, a time to become more aware of our God-filled lives.  Our Celtic quiet garden at Paul reminds us of all those who have walked this way of faith before us. We give thanks for you all, the Celtic Saints of today who will continue to witness to the Risen Lord in this special space.  And please pray for us as we continue our journey of faith in another place.

Alleluia Christ has Risen.  He has Risen indeed. Alleluia.

Readings for this week

Acts 4: 32-35.   Gospel John 20: 19–31.  
From fear to joy.

This week we continue with John’s account of the Resurrection appearances, moving from the empty tomb to the upper room where we witness two scenes that take place eight days apart.

The first event highlights the dramatic change in the mood of the disciples. They were terrified that those responsible for Jesus’s death might hunt them down and kill them too. But now, [they] ‘were filled with joy when they saw the Lord …’

 This is the fulfilment of Jesus’s words to them before his crucifixion (see John 16: 22) ‘…you are sad now, but I shall see you again, and your hearts will be full of joy…’. For them, too, belief comes through seeing. From doubt to belief.

 The second event occurs eight days later when Jesus returns to the upper room and invites Thomas to touch his wounds. Thomas had doubted that his friends had seen the Lord, but Jesus is giving him the proof he needs to believe that he has indeed risen. He urges him to ‘Doubt no longer but believe.’ We are not told if Thomas did accept Jesus’s invitation to touch him, but he is now able to make his profession of faith: ‘My Lord and my God!’

 For us today.  John concludes his account of these appearances by speaking directly to us. I wonder what God might be saying to you through these bible readings?  How do the Easter stories impact your life today?

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An inclusive vision setting for St John’s Church Pz

Friday 19th April: 9.30am- 11am
Join us at St John’s church to consider the next stage of the amazing journey of St John’s Church serving their local community. We will be considering how to use the outside space to create a sensory wellbeing garden. Also to develop multi-sensory areas inside the church which can be used for worship and play, as well as proper facilities for people with disabilities.

Generous Giving….Generous God

Amazingly and with an outpouring of generosity on behalf of many people we have managed to raise half the money that was needed to install the green halo heating system at St Mary’s Penzance. This means that we can now move forward with the Church of England demonstrator project which should mean being one of the first 30 churches in England to showcase environmentally friendly churches committed to living out through prayer, teaching and action a care for the world which God has created.

 So the other half of the project should be funded by central church. If you still feel that you want to contribute to this scheme financially then gifts will go towards solar panels. You also may feel called to help practically with spreading the awareness of global climate issues and the ways we live and pray.

Have you thought of joining Green Christian, for instance?

Paul Summer Talks

Boilerhouse.  ‘A musical journey, with music’.

Boilerhouse @ Geevor

Tuesday May 7th                        
Anyone who has heard Boilerhouse sing will want to be at any future event where they’re appearing. We hope to hear something of their musical backgrounds, both individually and as a group, and they promise to share some music with us too.
£5 entry. Nibbles/wine @ 7pm, talk @ 7.30pm, followed by debate and more nibbles/wine.

Easter Holiday club

What an amazing four-day club we have had with our children despite the inclement weather!  A whole range of fantastic activities to engage and inspire. Thanks to your support and help in so many ways we visited the sculpture gardens, the aquarium, the trampoline park in Newquay and Flambards theme park. The Minack theatre lead a drama workshop for us.  A magician came and wowed us with incredible tricks, including cutting off Revd Sian’s arm!  We even managed a short time on the beach and floated our home-made egg-carrying boats on the boating lake.

We fitted in lots of Easter themed activities and enjoyed the Playzone at St John’s Church.  Looking back at an amazingly energetic week no wonder our leaders and helpers were tired!  Happy Easter…new life led to the full.

Creativity continues…Inclusive Poetry Village

A number of people are coming together to create The Poetry Village’; an inclusive village for everyone. The village will be set up at St Mary’s church (and perhaps Paul).  Imaginative shops like, The Sweetshop of Words, The Haberdashery of Hearts, Tina TeaUrner and The CreativiTea Cafe, and a Grocery Store (Growetry).  We intend to involve everybody in this creative project: The Monday wellbeing and lunch groups, prayer and study groups, local schools, NightChurch, Generations United, memory cafe and the like.  Might you be free to come to the next planning meeting at St Mary’s church PZ on Tuesday 7th May at 10:30?  See how you can be involved…prayer stations, craft, poetry writing…all ways to explore what an inclusive community could be like…and to create an inclusive village exhibition.

Please watch this space as The Poetry Postie and Polly Filla present ‘The Poetry Village’.  All will become clear, but in the meantime, there will be odd requests and bizarre tasks coming your way!  Our first request is that when you’re making dinner, you open your tin cans from the bottom, take the labels off, and save the cans for us!  Your second quest, should you choose to accept it, involves the sunflower seeds which Sian will be giving out during the Cluster Service on Sunday 7th April.  When you plant the seeds, please write a word or small poem on a piece of paper and bury it in the soil with the seed.  If you can it would be great if you could also write the word or poem on the pot, or on a lolly stick. Night Church Alice.

The Julian Meeting

will be held in Paul church this Sunday at 6pm, and not online. Spend time reflecting on the prayer below if you are unable to join us and would like to reflect at a time convenient for you.

Molly’s interview

I wonder if you heard family worker Molly’s interview on COAST FM radio last week?  We are very impressed and excited about the work that she does in bringing the elderly and tinies together.  Totally intergenerational.

You can listen to Molly’s interview on the link below, it starts 2 hours and 10 minutes into the broadcast.

Annual meetings …election of officers

Forms are now up to receive nominations for both church wardens of cluster churches and for members of church councils: PCCs. You may wish to offer to help serve the church’s work and mission in this way.  If you are nominating someone, please check that they are happy to stand.  It is an important time in the life of our churches and cluster.

A glorious Easter morning

What an amazing Easter Day…in all the cluster churches. Each of our worship communities are quite different…and that is important to remember.  Each one is special and right for the local community that it serves.  Thanks to all who contributed to the worshipping life of their local church.

Thanks too for those who came to the joint cluster sunrise worship….for David who once again got the fire lit so effectively, for Kevin’s beautiful singing of the ancient Easter song Exsultet.

And to Alan who cooked such an enormous Easter breakfast for us…South African style.

The homeless have names!

Please hold in prayer all those who are concerned about new legislation that might affect homeless people. 

Franciscan retreat at Hilfield Friary

Do pray for those going off on retreat to a Franciscan friary this week….for our living amongst the Franciscan community and what we might learn from their simple lifestyle.  Pray too for Sian and Olive as they lead this retreat.

Christian Aid week: 12th-18th May

Christians across Britain and Ireland will unite for Christian Aid Week – seven days of action to fund lasting change.  There are so many ways you can get involved as an individual or a community. Why not hold a cake sale.  You could even join our new challenge: 70k in May. Get together with your church, friends or family and raise sponsorship to move a collective 70km.  Walk it, run it, swim it, cycle it – move your way this May.

Together we can beat extreme poverty.

Crucible journal

We congratulate Andrew Yates and his excellent editorial article about Social Justice in the journal “the crucible “.  Bishop Graham James, former bishop of St Germans, has also written about the church’s response to social issues.  We hope to get a copy of this excellent journal in cluster churches in the future.


This May, Sea Life Soft Play will be turning 10!  You are invited to join me, to celebrate Sea Life Soft Play’s 10th birthday party; Friday 10th May 6-8pm ; For some live music from True Foxes / drinks and nibbles.  Please let me know if you are able to attend this event by Friday 3rd May. 

Other Articles;

Memory Café

United Nations Climate Change conference in the United Arab Emirates

Care for Creation

We want to demonstrate that the gospel is good news for God’s earth.

More Information;

St Mary’s CofE

A happy Church of England School in a stunning location with an entrance directly off Penzance Prom.

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