St Pol de Leon HLF project

Work is on schedule for this sculpture to be unveiled in the second week of October

Work on the foundations  

Sculpting the details of the hands




St Pol de Leon Church Paul has received a grant of £254,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), for its “Celebrating Peace through Reconciliation project”.  Thanks to the money raised by National Lottery players will result in the
restoration of a significant First World War Memorial Window.

Commenting on the award, Revd. Andrew Yates, Priest-in-charge said: “We’re delighted that we’ve received this support thanks to National Lottery players. The church contains a number of important heritage items as well as the amazing window such as memorials to the crew of the Solomon Browne life boat and to Dolly Pentreath, the last monoglot Cornish speaker. It’s great to know that we are a step closer to preserving these important links to the past for another century.”


Please click here to get in touch with the HLF team at St Pol de Leon Church.

Project Update

Pictures from the Rededication service on May 6th 2018

The restored window


Window Wanderland coming soon to Paul village
Final preparations under way.


Window Wanderland final workshop from Chris Osborne on Vimeo.



Great News! The window returns


The East Window at Paul



The stone work is nearly complete and the stained glass is scheduled to start
being installed at the end of January.
Nearly there!

Stone masons Reuben Marsh and Richard Holliday working on the tracery.

Oral History Project

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Barbara Santi, of Awen productions as the lead on our oral history project.  Barbara will be introducing herself over the next few weeks and finding out more about the heritage of Paul church and the surrounding community and will be starting a programme of training and interviewing in January 2018.   We are pleased to welcome her to the team and look forward to sharing her ideas and enthusiasm.


A packed hall for the North South Theatre perfomance of PALS


PALS performance from Chris Osborne on Vimeo.

The RNLI Banner making workshop was a great success enjoyed by all who came.
If you missed it there is another workshop on Saturday Nov 4th in Paul Church 10am - 2pm just drop in. Enjoy the video.


RNLI Banner workshop 1 from Chris Osborne on Vimeo.

Best practice visit to Penlee House, Penzance

Louise, the director of Penlee House explains the process of organising an exhibition.
Zoe, education and outreach officer talked about her role, and explains the contents of a children's explorer belt.



Pirates on the Prom

On August 27th Penzance tried to regain the record for the number of pirates in one place. Here children attending the Penlee Cluster holiday club pose under the memorial to Stephen Hutchens, Paul's famous sea captain.


St Hilary Heritage Centre. 19th July 2017

A group from Paul experience the 
range of heritage information on 
....and consider the opportunities and
challenges of displays in a
church context.
Chance for a de-brief over coffee
and lemon drizzle cake!


Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro 28th June 2017

A group from Paul visited the
Royal Cornwall Museum at Truro
to experience the World War 1 exhibition “Heart of conflict”.
They met with the exhibition
organiser Susan Roberts to pick
up ideas on best practice in promoting heritage.

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Sacrifice remembered